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My Philosophy

I believe that every parent is responsible to oversee the education of their children. Whether evaluating portfolios, tutoring, or teaching classes, I always seek to support your family's choices.

My Biography

Bethany Barnosky is a master teacher, tutor, and educational consultant living in sunny Peterborough New Hampshire. As a college student, she set aside her interest in the aerospace industry in order to graduate from Keene State College and pursue her passion for teaching. While she did earn her blue belt in Sei Goshen Ryu Kempo Karate in 2011, she considers homeschooling her daughter to be her greatest accomplishment.

Bethany is a passionate learner and right-brained problem-solver who loves factoring polynomials, formulating proofs, and discovering the "hidden side of everything." 

Our Services

Portfolio Assessment

Portfolio Assessment

As a portfolio evaluator, my job is not to critique your homeschool programs, organizational skills, or schooling choices. I simply evaluate whether your portfolio shows that your student has fulfilled the educational requirements of the law.

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Online Classes

Online Classes Quilt Square

Do you think of online classes as boring? Impersonal? Think again! I am honored to be continuing, and expanding, my online classes at MyFunScience. This Square of Opposition study guide was quilted by one of my formal logic students!

Online Classes


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Is understanding stuck just out of reach? Do you need an online math tutor? Everyone can learn. . . it just takes hard work! When it comes to math, understanding the "Why?" is more important than memorizing tables and charts. Let's conquer this together!