Tribute To Captain Mr. Bob Payne of Chincoteague Virginia

"Captain Mr. Bob Payne passed away on February 8, 2006 at age 63.  Visiting Payne's Sea Treasures was always at the top of my list, for as  long as I can remember on my trips to Chincoteague, Virginia.

His  gentle, kind and friendly manner in which he greeted visitors drew  immediate attention to those fortunate to have met him. My special  attachment to him involved horseshoe crabs. I was always fascinated by horseshoe crabs at Chincoteague, and he always had some available to  buy. His tender affinity for children made the young ones smile,  especially when he offered them a special, free seashell as a treasured gift.

I was greatly saddened upon hearing of his death in May  2006, where his store was under the care of Star Mondragon. Star was  equally gentle, kind and friendly, and obviously was very, very close to Captain Mr. Bob. I spoke with her at length, and she recorded  some of my special memories on her portable cassette recorder. She loved  his artwork, and described his enjoyment in creating them.

She had made copies of many of his works for visitors to buy, they were the only  thing for sale that day for she was allowing her guests to select  anything they wanted from the store, free of charge, as a memory to Captain Mr. Bob. My family and I miss him. And someday, I would like to  meet Star again, if just to say hello and share more memories." -- Peter Barnosky