How curriculum consultation works:

You bring any questions or notes you have  about your children's current or upcoming school year. Catalogs, planning sheets, envelope backs; Any starting point helps with the  process. If you have a specific area of  homeschool concern, feel free to give me a heads up.

We sit down and go over materials that you're  thinking of using. Do you have the time to complete them? Are they right for your student? Your family has the last call, but sometimes it's  helpful to have someone to reassure you that doing two complete Language Arts programs is neither necessary nor desirable!

"Curriculum  Planning" is really a fancy name for concentrated Q&A time... I can suggest different resources or assessment strategies, help you  anticipate what you'll need to collect for your next portfolio, or assist in streamlining several students into one unified "flow." A quick  chat can be especially helpful for high schoolers who are trying to anticipate credit requirements and create a solid foundation for credit transfer or higher education.

It  sounds a little daunting but the cost is minimal and most of my  planning clients are set within an hour or two. Their most common response? A sigh of relief and "I should have done this sooner!"

"I should have done this sooner!"

- The most common response from a new consultation client.