Is understanding stuck just out of reach? You know that "being smart" is just a myth, right? Everyone can learn... it just takes some work! Let me help your student really learn their material with tutoring. When it comes to higher level math and science, understanding the "Why?" is more important than memorizing tables and charts.

Not just math tutoring!

Let's conquer this together!

What is tutoring?
Tutoring is a supplemental, individual teaching form. It’s coming alongside a student and supplementing their curriculum or school experience. Practically speaking, students need to arrive here with a goal such as wanting to:

  • Understand indirect proof
  • Finally master fractions
  • Pass Friday’s test
  • Figure out this homework
  • Be successful on the SAT, ACT, or the NH Insurance Exam
  • Discover “Why” this stuff works
  • Make life easier next semester

Sometimes a student comes with a couple of goals, while other times it’s a one-time thing. If relevant, I’ll send you, or your student, home with homework. I’d be glad to write up an end-of-year summary or letter of recommendation if needed.

What tutoring is not:
Tutoring isn’t my being your child’s primary math teacher. A couple  hours with me won’t take the place of regular classroom or at-home instruction. If you are expecting your grade-school child to be  completely self-sufficient in mathematics, you’re setting an unreasonable standard that a couple of hours with me won’t fix. Unless, of course, you want to bring them in for tutoring on multiple days a  week . . . then we could certainly set something up : )

Introducing Full-Class Tutoring:
If my online classes don’t fit your schedule, or your child’s learning needs, you might  consider “full-class” tutoring. This is basically the scheduled assignments, grading, and accountability of a class structure, but also one-on-one instruction with your student. “Full-class” tutoring is super flexible, and workable online, but typically involves one to two meetings per week for a total teaching time of 1-2 hours. You do pay for my outside-of-class prep and grading time, as well as any textbooks that I don’t already own. Depending on your student’s age, and  how we set this up, that sets the cost for a 30 week class at between $900 and $1500.

What I know:
The truth? I know how to teach . . . well! I know how to quickly synthesize information and lay it out in a memorable format. I ask questions and work with each student to discover the “why” behind the memory work.  While I love math, especially that found in higher level math and  science classes, I have tutored in University Physics II, the NH  Insurance Exam, Programming, and Essay Writing.

How it works:
Give me a call, make an appointment, and then show up… it’s (almost) that simple. I do have a quick Tutoring Information Sheet for you or your child to fill out, but nothing too scary. I recommend 1 to 1.5 hour blocks of time for school-aged students, and one to two-hour blocks of time for college students. Remember: Bring your book or curriculum with you! We’re going to work with your materials to achieve your goals. Parents are expected to remain on site unless prior arrangements have been made.

Is understanding stuck just out of reach?

Is understanding stuck just out of reach?