Transcript Sample

High School Transcripts

Every high school student deserves a transcript. It can be fancy or  simple, but a high school (homeschool) graduate earns their diploma and transcript through hard work.

Merriam-Webster defines a transcript as "an official copy of a student's educational  record." Of course, the easiest way to build your student's transcript is little-by-little over the course of his or her high school years. Trying to re-create credits, grades, and documentation four years later is no fun and super hard to do without great records.

That having been said, creating a transcript is never as hard as you'd  imagine, and having a partner in that effort makes things progress so much smoother! Transcript creation sessions are inexpensive, and usually  last from 1-3 hours. We sit down, enter your data into a beautiful Excel spreadsheet, and work up some course descriptions as time allows.  Most families don't need me to create their entire transcript; after a  decent work session they're ready to add classes and descriptions on their own. All of the material we work on can either be emailed to you or sent home on your USB drive... either way it's yours to keep and build upon.

How it works: Bring in your high school student's  portfolio(s), planning sheets, report cards, curriculum, lesson plans --  whatever you have that can document their learning. We hash through it,  assign credit hours, and define courses. You will always have the last say, but it's helpful to have a second opinion from someone who can see  things with a fresh point of view. I have a number of clients who book  transcript help at the same time as their evaluations. They have the legal niceties and an updated transcript complete in one convenient appointment : )


High Schools, Colleges, and employers speak "transcript". 

We're basically translating your student's accomplishments into the paperwork that institutions understand.