Additional Information

How Evaluations-By-Mail Work:

1. Contact me to make an appointment. This will ensure that your portfolio won't sit in  the rain for a week... and when I sit down to write up your portfolio evaluation I need to be able to reach you by phone.

2. Assemble your homeschool portfolio as usual... but maybe take a picture of the more three-dimensional projects? In this case, less really is more. Please tear out workbook pages rather than sending a stack of workbooks. Other  things to avoid: teacher's curriculum guides, textbooks, and large  projects. If a student's portfolio is more than five pounds it's way too  big. If (one of) the evaluation(s) is for a high school student, please  remember to complete a portfolio plan form for their portfolio.

3. Print out a Portfolio Information Sheet and mailing label to go with it.

4. Fill out the Information Sheet. It's just basic questions.

5. Write a check, made out to Bethany Barnosky, for the appropriate payment, or pay online. (Remember to include the extra $10 per family for mail service.) If you write a check for more than you owe, I'll assume that you intended to do so : )

6. Box everything up carefully, but don't seal it up yet. Add the outgoing mailing label and head to your local post office.

7. Buy return postage (stamps) for your package before you seal it up... toss them inside, seal, mail, and you're done. Please use a form of mail that does not require a signature! I cannot get to the post office during business hours in order to pick up your portfolio.

All "Evaluations-by-Mail" are Standard unless we've talked and formally made other arrangements.

I offer a fairly quick turn-around and will usually get your portfolio mailed back to you within two or three business days of your appointment. If you'd prefer to send it media mail and have me mail your  evaluations separately in an envelope, just let me know on your Information Sheet.

Please note: I am a real person -- with a daughter, two epic cats, and the occasional glass of spilt milk. I cannot be held responsible if "life" happens to your portfolio. I've never had a problem, and I try to take excellent care of your things, but accidents do happen. Please don't send me irreplaceable items.  Photocopies are encouraged. If you send me your portfolio and it's damaged, you're officially agreeing not to hold me liable : )