How Online Evaluations Work:

1. Contact me to make an appointment. This will ensure that you've got a private online meeting room. This year I've added Calendly integration, allowing smooth online scheduling with no need to play phone tag! Or you can call me at 603-924-0130 if you'd prefer to schedule the "old fashioned" way : )

2. Either create a digital portfolio or assemble your homeschool portfolio as usual... but maybe keep things a bit on the simpler side? 

In order to online evaluate your physical portfolio, you'll need two web-cams or devices with internet-connected-cameras. ie Your laptop camera (for you) and your cell phone (for the portfolio). Be sure to have Zoom set up on both devices ahead of time.

As you create your digital portfolio, remember that less really is more.

  • You can simply scan pictures of your paper portfolio and turn them into a PDF.

  • Feel free to use digital tools such as GSuite, Evernote, Seesaw, or Book Creator. Just remember: Your student's portfolio needs to be shareable . . . and shouldn't require me to login or download any special software. : )
  • Once your portfolio is complete, upload it to Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox, etc. and email me with the shareable link. I'll keep that link confidential, and you can delete your materials after our meeting.

3. Be sure to email me a link to your digital portfolio the day before your evaluation. Do not email the file itself. I do not have the option of downloading large files while meeting with you. If you would prefer not to post your student's work online, please have it digitally available so that you can screenshare it together during our appointment.

4. Please mail physical payment for remote services in advance. I also accept credit cards through Facebook, PayPal, or Venmo. If times are tight, call me about barter. We'll work something out!

Online Homeschool Portfolio Evaluations