Portfolio Parties are a great option for groups of homeschoolers who live in areas of the state where evaluators are either scarce or crazy-expensive.

A group of families, either formal or informally  connected, simply get together for evaluations-. One of you contacts me to set up a time and location, and everyone benefits. Evaluations can  be part of a homeschool play date, a mom's night out, or even a  curriculum sale! All evaluations are "Standard", which means that they are done immediately, and cost $30.

Most portfolio parties are scheduled on Saturdays or in the evening, but I'm as flexible as my schedule permits.

There is a single mileage charge of $0.50/mile, round trip, which may be waived for large (or local) groups.  Portfolio parties have a three family minimum south of Concord and a five family minimum to the north.

Note: Hosts are responsible for minimum attendance and will be billed accordingly.